Vives y Marí relies today upon a team of highly specialized professionals, working hard everyday to keep up with the ever growing market demands, while maintaining the quality and prestige of both the brand and our product.

Our secret to maintain a competitive and reputable position in the market, is keeping our job description clear and well differentiated. To trust and to entrust, aiming together for the success of the enterprise while respecting each of our employees’ unique skills and expertise.

Juanvi Aznar, Rafa Marí, Amparo Sanchez, Javi Bayot and Javi Saez
are the partners who lead the five departments of our company. From the acquisition of the raw materials, the indispensable foundation upon which the quality of our product is built, up to the creative process and design, for which we rely on a vast archive of ancient tomes and our own historical pieces.

Our team guarantees the best possible service to our customers at all times. Every year we create a pattern book and a colour book, seeking to meet the ever changing requirements of our client base, that vary from the traditional dressmaking to haute couture, to the religious market.

We manage directly both the orders and the relations with the client. In Vives y Marí, everyone contributes his personal know-how and is responsible for the end result. That’s how we maintain the quality of our product and the quality of our professional lives.

Foto: Alfredo J. Llorens

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