Haute couture

At the turn of the century, our enterprise initiated the development of a separate product line, dedicated to bridal dressmaking, haute couture and prêt-à-porter.

In this new phase, our haute couture department sparked a structural change, leading the transformation from a family enterprise to a modern organisation, in order to compete on the global market against the most established brands in the Spanish fashion market.

Later, with the first international sales, we started to consolidate as a leading actor in the fashion business, capable of setting real trends and attracting a fair global interest.

Silk and mixed-silk jacquards, embroideries and smooth fabrics constitute our collection, that we design and develop, essentially, through strong partnerships with some of the most renowned Italian textile factories and design studios.

Our fabrics are an exclusive expression of harmony, distinction, creativity, quality and design. We innovate keeping up with the latest trends, our client’s needs and, naturally, our unique perspective.

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