Founding partners

Half a century ago was born one of the most representative enterprises in the Valencian excellence scenario. Five people, bringing together their know-how and experience in silk craftsmanship, established and gave shape to what today represents the dominating brand in silk trade in the Valencia area.

In the 1950’s, Luis Vives Magriñá and José Marí Cotino, two young and experienced weavers, joined their talent and capabilities in order to start up a new brand, a small artisan enterprise focused on the production of damasks, fabrics dedicated to the religious business, and some Espolines.

Later on, with the introduction of more sophisticated machinery, there began the production of satins, taffetas and brocades. This allowed for a better satisfaction of market demands, especially in the confectionery of wedding dresses, and contributed to the prestige of the brand itself and to the acquirement of a much bigger customer base.

In 1964, the merger with a small textile factory brought two new partners aboard: Vicente Bayot Ferrer, a spinning specialist, and Jaime García Arcón, another young weaver. Another new partner, Manuel Aznar Ferreres, completed the original team, contributing his own machineries. This final contribution strengthened considerably the production range and rate, and so was born Vives y Marí SL, an enterprise in which every partner contributed his experience and his personal means. The factory has been growing and adapting ever since, through the decades, and it is now the most important textile factory in the whole Valencia area.

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